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December 22, 2009

They remain long after the plane has gone

Some will call me pedantic but it really irks me that no matter where one goes – the sky is unlikely to be unpolluted by contrails on any given day. Recently in the Sturt National Park but also in the Simpson Desert and so-called East coast ‘wilderness’ in Australia the sky is visually polluted by contrails from passing aircraft.

One can also see this phenomena on documentaries – often from some far-flung place – where the background sky is littered with contrails. The BBC Oceans HD series which is a nice production is a case in point. The Atlantic episode off the Caribbean had – perhaps unsurprisingly – numerous contrails in the background.

Adding to the irritation is the idea of all those people sitting there drinking champagne and eating smoked salmon, and greenhouse gases pouring into the atmosphere at a rapid rate after slogging away to arrive on foot at some hot, remote or desolate place where one of the pleasures is the isolation and not feeling depressed at the burgeoning population for a time.

I wonder what today’s world would be like if flight had not been realized?

Of course I should probably add that I don’t support the bizarre conjecture that some contrails are a Government conspiracy of some sort. Nor are they a sign of anything.